yoga nidra foundation course

Bihar – Yoga Nidra Course

Conscious Dreaming – Yoga Nidra has been termed ‘Sleepless Sleep’, because we learn to enter the state between sleep & wakefulness while maintaining awareness.

This is the beginning of the experience of Yoga Nidra, but its meaning and significance go far beyond this.

Yoga Nidra is both a meditation and deep relaxation technique.

The practice is presented in the tradition of Satyananda Bihar School of Yoga as taught by Swami Yogaratna Sarasvati, Shankar Prasad Ashram, Gokarna Karnataka, India.

The technique was adapted by Swami Satyananda Saraswathi from the traditional tantric practice of Nyasa (infusing the body with Divine Energy.)

the Yoga Nidra Foundation Course is a relaxation meditation, psychic sleep meditation and the exploration of the deep subconscious.

The technique is a systematic method of inducing complete mental, emotional and physical rest and relaxation.

The five consecutive day course (approximately two hours per day), will give you the skills to explore and gain experiential knowledge through your own practice.

No experience necessary – just an open mind to enjoy, experience and relax is all you need.

2023 – Monday to Friday

Course by appointment – 0423 634 958

online or face to face, Lennox Head NSW

private or small groups


The foundation course consists of 5 x 2 hour sessions.

Step by step guidance

The practice

Review, share and questions

Yoga Nidra Benefits

Relief from tension – muscular, emotional & mental

Deep relaxation for body & mind


Pain management

Blissful enjoyment

Restores health