Tuk Tuk Road Trip – Self Drive around Sri Lanka September 4, 2019



After a relaxing day yesterday, I woke early and jumped in the Tuk Tuk to drive just 7km south to see the Stilt Fisherman in action. Driving past the local school was a challenge with all the kids turning up on bikes, motor bikes, tuk tuks, buses and walking. I noticed one dad doubling his kids on a pushbike down the narrow street towards school, laughing and having a great time together.

There are plenty of places along the beaches with stilts but it’s more a tourist thing. The ‘fishermen’ relax under the trees in hammocks on the side of the road waiting for the tourists to rock up.

Dodging the buses, trucks, dogs and cows, I pulled into the centre of the road to cross over and into a spot where there were lots of fishing stilts. Two guys put on their head wraps and got on their poles ready for the photo shoot. I asked for a head wrap too…

The Younger dude was the appointed photographer. He helped me into the water and was surprised when I scaled the pole – no problem… A few yoga poses, photos and laughs for 1,000SLR (AU$8.27) and we were done. I asked the young one to drive my Tuk Tuk around this path next to the beach for some more pics – he did no problem. I walked over the Tuk Tuk to discover they had set up a bucket of fresh water for me to clean my sandy feet and a mat between the bucket and the Tuk Tuk so I didnt have to stand in the sand again.

So beautiful are the locals – Seriously!

More Tuk Tuk and Yoga shots and I was on my way after brecky research. I read some reviews for breakfast and pulled into the Seaview Café down the road. Im so glad I did – more lovely locals…

Seaview Café, Ahangama: The owner apologised that they only had rice and curry for breakfast. I was cheering. The food prepared by his wife was fresh and fantastic. You help yourself to a buffet. The owners were really lovely, we had a great conversation about the area and foreigners owning property. The beach was straight across the road. It’s a Surfing mecca in the season – November to April.

The owner put me onto a local temple – The Kathaluwa Old temple where the first Sri Lankan newspaper was printed. I thanked him and drove off to the temple. A Monk who gave me a private tour of the beautiful pagoda and the printing press greeted me. He was more than happy to pose fort photos.

Home by 11 am, I walked around my local area for a while and decided to get some blogging done. Power is out for the day. Ill head out later for a Sunset beach walk.

Tomorrow on the road again, a short 23km trip to Welligama